Resultado de casos

Resultado de casos

Disclaimer About Prior Case Results

If you are interested in viewing information about recent cases and clients which the Law Offices of Kevin Heaney has been involved with, please read the information below. The information has not been reviewed nor approved by The California Bar Association.


  • The facts and circumstances of your case might differ from the matters in which results have been provided.
  • All results of cases handled by this firm are not provided and not all clients’ claims have been referenced.
  • The results provided are not necessarily representative of all results obtained by this firm or of the experience of all clients or others with the Law Offices of Kevin Heaney.
  • Every case is different and each client’s case must be evaluated and handled on its own merits.

Case Results

Over the course of Kevin Heaney’s career, he has produced superior case results and victories for his clients. Below are some examples of his more recent case results related to all areas of his practice.

Case Type: Personal Injury
Case Description: Client was with a friend who had a business dropping off crates for storage. Client was in the back removing crates, when the communication broke down. Client was still in harms way when the forklift arms holding the crates descended and damaged client’s shoulder resulting in a significant injured to his shoulder.
Case Outcome: Jury awarded client $450,000 settlement

Case Type: Motion for Factual Innocence
Case Description: Client was a therapist having significant problems related to employment due to her arrest and subsequent filed case on record for allegations of domestic violence.
Case Outcome: Motion for Factual Innocence granted.

Case Type: Strong armed robbery and assault with a deadly weapon
Case Description: Client attended a small house party with some friends. Client was accused of strong armed robbery and assault with a knife related to drugs and money.
Case Outcome: Case dismissed after preliminary hearing.

Case Type: Domestic Battery
Case Description: Client and girlfriend were in a heated argument when events transpired that resulted in a physical altercation and multiple felony charges related to domestic violence.
Case Outcome: All charges dismissed after preliminary hearing.

Case Type: Sex trafficking
Case Description: Client and her son allowed a young woman to stay at their house temporarily to avoid homelessness after being evicted. Young woman was prostituting at the home and alleged client was pimping her and involved in the sex industry.
Case Outcome: Case dismissed after preliminary hearing.

Case Type: DUI
Case Description: Client drove up on the curb in the parking lot of a fast food restaurant. Client was arrested for alleged DUI, related to being under the influence of prescription drugs.
Case Outcome: Not guilty verdict reached after year long litigation.

Case Type: Assault with a deadly weapon
Case Description: Client with one prior strike was involved in a road rage incident where he ended up getting out of his car and striking the other individual’s vehicle with a knife, shattering the driver’s side window.
Case Outcome: Reduced charges from felony to misdemeanor with minimal time in county jail.

Case Type: Domestic battery and false imprisonment
Case Description: Female client charged with physically attacking her boyfriend and preventing him from leaving the sailboat they were on at the time.
Case Outcome: Case dismissed at preliminary hearing.

Case Type: Multiple theft and domestic violence
Case Description: Client charged with multiple felonies related to a domestic violence incident with his girlfriend and theft of her personal belongings.
Case Outcome: All charges reduced to misdemeanors after preliminary hearing. A three day jury trial resulted in not guilty verdict on all charges.

Case Type: Civil harassment
Case Description: Client was involved in a heated dispute with a neighbor over neighbor’s ability to develop the land. Client protested neighbor obtaining the permit in a number of ways, including at planning commission meetings.
Case Outcome: A two day jury trial resulted in the court dismissing the harassment allegations and denied a permanent restraining order against client.

Case Type: Sexual assault
Case Description: Client was a dental student who attended a large party with other students. Client and female acquaintance retreated to a private room and became sexually intimate. Client was alleged to use nonconsensual force upon her during this time.
Case Outcome: Permanent restraining order denied after hearing.

Case Type: Vehicular Manslaughter
Case Description: Client was involved in a car chase with police after a hit and run incident. Client lost control of his vehicle, resulting in an accident which killed his passenger. Client had alcohol in his system, however it was determined to be within the legal limit.
Case Outcome: After a three week jury trial, client received a grant of 10 years probation after two months of house arrest.

Case Type: Six counts of battery on multiple officers
Case Description: Client was significantly intoxicated at a bar. When she exited the bar, client was mistaken about alleging someone stole her purse and battered another patron. When police arrived, client resisted arrest by striking a number of police officers with her hands.
Case Outcome: Client was granted diversion, meaning no conviction.

Case Type: Accessory to Murder
Case Description: Client was very good friends with an individual who along with a younger friend, drove and was in an accident. Individual was DUI, had multiple prior convictions and was charged with murder. Client removed a door from the scene of the accident and was charged with being an accessory to murder.
Case Outcome: Three week jury trial resulted in not guilty verdict.

Case Type: Felony domestic violence
Case Description: Client and his girlfriend got into a domestic dispute that turned physical. Girlfriend’s arm was broken and client was charged with felony assault resulting in great bodily injury. Girlfriend also sought a civil restraining order.
Case Outcome: After five day jury trial, court reached not guilty verdict on all counts.

Case Type: Theft
Case Description: A young college student was caught stealing from a jewelry store. Client had prior conviction of similar charges.
Case Outcome: After significant litigation, client was granted diversion, meaning no conviction.